Monday, February 11, 2008

The creepy, the crazy, and the clandestine

So, first off, I'd like to ask, am I the only one who feels like Microsoft has turned into the creepy stalker man? Applause to Engadget, who hit this one square on the head and drive it all the way in, picture and all. In high school I had the unfortunate experience of being dubbed a "stalker" due to holding open doors, as a courtesy. I can't imagine if I had taken this route.
Let me paraphrase for Microsoft. Ehem. "I love you babe. I really do. You don't really mean that you don't want me. But don't worry. I KNOW that "no" means "maybe". And I will just keep on hounding you until you break down." *shudder* And "consummate"... really?
Con-sum-mate -- Adjective: to complete (the union of a marriage) by the first marital sexual intercourse.
And now I quote Yakko Warner. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Good night folks."

Okay, next topic, I would like to do a giant "what the fuck" to the country. What is this? Okay, it wasn't a real gun, granted, but still... how did the parents let this get TO the school. "What you got there Billy?" "Oh, it's for show and tell mommy." Whatever, that aside, I remember being in middle school when the outlawed us from having Pogs! Milk bottle tops. Worth nothing. But kids were losing them to one another and the administration decided it just wasn't going to happen. A gun?! A GUN! I'm sorry I'm having trouble getting over this one or actually articulating just how much more this makes me hate the general S.Q. of the country. And in case my sarcasm wasn't obvious, that would be Stupidity Quotient.

Finally, I have been trying so very hard to ignore this... I really have, but it fills me with more rage than anything I've seen so far. I almost weep for this country. But not quite. So... instead I spew venom. So, here goes.
First off, to anyone who thinks that "Anonymous" is against the Freedom of Speech or religion due to their recent protests really needs to re-read your Constitution. What they do and ARE is the First amendment to its fullest!
Well, moving on. I really need to speak to all you so called journalists out there covering this story. You, right there, with the pen and the keyboard. Walk away. Put it down. You are failing. Fox in particular. If you haven't already showed us that you do NOT participate in what is commonly called "investigative journalism", this just furthers your blunders. You see, all you media monkeys banging away at your keyboards, you are, not the butt, the huge ASS of a really bad joke. Had you done just a tiny little research you would have realized. It would take 10 minutes of looking to find that "Anonymous" always looks for targets. And they are good. Ever heard of Hal Turner? A pet project of "Anonymous", and the more he fought back, the more he gave them notice, the more they attacked. Like a cat playing with a moth or a mouse. "Over nine thousand" members of Anonymous? Yeah... that's exactly what you walked into. Don't you feel like and assagore now? And what sickens me the most? Not ONE person who should be reading this rant will be.

I'm going to go play something violent. Video game review to come.

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