Friday, February 1, 2008

Late Link Dump for 01/31/08

Good morning everyone. Lots of ground to cover today and not a lot of time. I apologize for the lack of update yesterday as my actual job kept me rather busy. So, here's the best for January 1st.

Looks like life is pretty dull for Paleontologist these days. Not a lot left to be found to go around, I guess. Speaking of enough to go around, turns out Domino's Pizza has an interesting definition of the word "unlimited".
In the realm of things that are quite limited, recent news lets us know that Gas prices are on the rise again and the final Bush Budget might leave people feeling a little skim on the homelands. We may want to look for alternate power before too long. Someone might drown.

As a gamer, I felt it was time to vote on the issues at hand. Important news in the gaming world... I'll leave Halo and Smash Bros. to everyone else to cover. I'm talking about two old friends.

I have depressing news, and because I don't like to end with this crap, I'm putting it here in the middle.

So we'll follow that with a Random Stat. Again, I love the Brits.

In science and health news, a shot might not be enough, and someone needs to remember to turn the heater off when they leave for the day. Spider volcano Strange things are being sent back to us from the surface of Mercury.

Life is becoming interesting for school kids these days. Quickfire link line: Quiz show classroom, Rove routed, Green Eggs and Ham revival, awesome kid critic, and the great Mc-diploma idea in Britain.

In the realm of human rights, waterboarding has become a hot topic. And people, remember, there are easier ways to research what people are talking about.

Entertainment news raps us up for the day with a quick look at what is theater, and what shouldn't be.

And one last thing...
Isabella Rossellini freaks me out

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