Monday, February 25, 2008

Okay, so I know this post is going up a little late. I'm afraid that my work place is starting to actually expect me to do work stuff. Can you believe it? Anyway, what do we have for the Tea Party Guests tonight?
First we have what has to be a typo. I pray it's a typo anyway. A screen shot of a most unusual online college course. I can't explain this one, you just must see.

With all of the crazy scientific advances going on in the world, I'm glad to see that there are some people who are still looking at the practical and necessary. Here we have a straw, basically. But this straw is different. This straw will allow a person to drink water contaminated with E. Coli, typhoid, and other nasties you don't want to touch, and completely kills all contaminates to safe, drinkable levels. This is an invention that truly touches my heart and makes me still maintain hope for the race of man.
Then again, there are the ever vain, or ever lazy, who would see it fit to make self cleaning clothing. Exciting, yes, but hardly what I'd consider practical and necessary.

Real quick I have two number related posts. One is an excellent explanation of the increments that we have come to accept as "time". This comes as Daylight Savings time approaches. And second, a post from "The Numbers Guy" from the Wall Street Journal. I tell you, I love this guy. He has such great blogs. In this one, he discusses the absurdity that is cliche in the realm of effort and certainty about giving "one-hundred and ten (or more... much more) percent" to something. Read on.

To Peru, we'd like to give a pat on the back in consolation as they found out that their newly discovered "Lost City" turns out to be little more than a sandstone formation. Tough break guys. Better luck next time.

And finally tonight, two stories that just beg to be a plot point in a Film Noir mystery, straight to DVD, B-list bonanza. First at 6:30 CST, everyone's favorite (not mine) red monster from puppet driven kids show reveals a killer on the loose as the learning toy begins spouting apparent death threats at the child who owns it. And the, at 9 CST, a schnauzer jealous of his lover's (read: owner's) lover (read: exotic bird) kills in a crime of passion, framing two young girls. I'm sorry, I really can't keep a straight face through all this.

That's all for tonight folks. I'll try to get tomorrows up earlier.

Also, talk back to a fellow once in a while. I value your input. And for now, I'd love to know your take on some ideas I've been throwing around.

Would you like to see graphics in the posts?

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