Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So, got lots to go over today. I'll try not to leave it as just a link dump, but that's basically what we have here.
First of all, we look into the world of schooling. Things are much different in school than I remember. First of all, we find that one school set up a Teenage toilet cam. And the kicker? The principal says he knows who set it up, but they won't punish them, even though they acted completely out of line. I'm sorry, but I think any teacher should be fired for pulling this crap.
Also, you all may remember how they down graded Pluto and did a bunch of other crap concerning our solar system, no containing 11 planets and dwarf planets. So that means that a new planet mnemonic is in order.
And finally it just seems that some people watch way too many movies and anime when a 39 year old man thinks he can infiltrate a school dressed like a school girl. To him I say High School is not a cosplay competition.
You may remember that a few days earlier I reported on the ruins in Peru turning out to be just a sandstone formation. Well now it seems that there are more Peruvian ruins that have popped up. Good for them for staying active in finding lost stuff. I wonder if they can next excavate my old house keys.
So... there was going to be more, but after staring at the screen for an hour... I figured this is enough. I'm off to bed. More tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I like the green background. The occasional image would not hurt; I don't think it's particularly necessary, though. Also, working dropdowns ftw.

In my unasked-for opinion, the bird owner's at fault in the death of the conure. All the psittacines are intelligent; even little bitty parakeets are smart enough to undo (or bite clean through) the twist tie keeping their cage door shut. Conures are a lot smarter than parakeets, and need a lot more love. If they're bored or lonely, they will get into trouble. Released, overly curious prey animal + predator animal = lunchtime.

Also, 39-year-old men generally do not have the face to be really convincing as a high school girl. Maybe he should've gotten Botox? Or maybe he's behind the teenage toilet cam in a bizarre international conspiracy? ;)