Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Got three news posts to throw around, all of them center around strange anomalies.

First on the list, you ever wonder how rush hour always turns into a parking lot, even though there are all these people trying to get home fast? Japanese scientist have done an experiment that shows this strange automotive reaction on tape. Things start fine, but then a "shockwave" of back up can quickly and easily be seen, traveling at about 20 KPH backwards.

Guys, ever wonder how this wanker got the good looking girl? Apparently the women love the toxic dump. Don't believe me. Well, mother nature seems to be backing me up. It seems that a certain chemical has been finding it's way into worms, that have been finding their way into Starlings. These toxic starlings, in turn, have been mutating to having better, longer songs. In starling terms, that means "Hey babe, come get some." I always knew I should have let myself fall into that vat in the Chemical plant. Read on.

And finally, space anomalies. There is something out there in space that is slowing down space craft enough to get people to pay attention. Can't say I really followed all of this one, but it was a fun read.

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