Monday, March 17, 2008

So, I'm really not inspired to write today, but as a writer I must continue to write. Much like a runner running or musician playing and composing. So I write on.

So I have to admit that it's getting harder for me to keep up with all the information I try to absorb all day. With 66 feeds and more than 1000 news posts a day it's hard to keep with all. And the world can be rather depressing to be honest. Take this little number I ran across.

So what we got here is a wheat killing fungus. If it weren't bad enough that the parts of the world that this has been cropping up in already have shortages in food for the populations they have more to worry about. Ug99, and hugely virulent strain of fungus that more than 80 percent of Asian and African varieties of wheat are vulnerable to, has been found in Iraq.

Okay... that's all I got for tonight. Sorry all my readers. I'll write more tomorrow.

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