Sunday, June 29, 2008

Car crunchers

This article really speaks for itself and says anything I would ever need to say on the subject. However I know that a good majority of my readership only likes to read the title of the article, if even that, and hear my thoughts on it. So here we go.

Ford and GM are crapping themselves more than a senile old man on a diet of prunes, coffee, and apple sauce. Why? According to this article, when the market for a single type of vehicle changes by as much as half a percent in a FULL YEAR, it is considered considerable. The market share for the pick up segment has shifted four point in two and a half months (partly due to the increase in gas prices by an average 74 cent-per-gallon in as much time). Now watch as these two giant ships try to steer away from the rocks they are about to smash into, despite bright lighthouse like warnings that they have seen for years. They are already starting to scrape rock.

For has been unspecific as to how many jobs or factories will have to be cut to shift their productions to more fuel efficient vehicles, GM has announced 8,000 jobs cut and working on a super compact car that they will be working on in Mexico to sell in the U.S. With the current economy this is terrible. I should know. I have a fairly marketable skill set, and I have found myself without work for 2 months now. Plus, even with their shift to better gas mileage cars, specialist say they will not be able to even have anything on showroom floors for 2 years yet. Keep your eyes on these crumpets, my guests. Things are bound to get crumbier before they get better.

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