Saturday, July 26, 2008

Double Duchie!

Big news in New York this week as Double Dutch becomes an officially sanctioned sport in the NYC sports curriculum. Described in the article as a pastime "in which competitors jump between two ropes twirled eggbeater-style", they officials in charge of this decision look at it as a new way to encourage more kids to get active in aerobic activities... and don't forget a good way to funnel more money into sports programs in schools. But really... it makes you ponder. Inter-school competitions? Scoring? Cheerleaders?
And what's next? DDR as an official sport? Guitar Hero and Rock Band as an official music program?


Alii Silverwing said...

Have you ever *tried* double dutch? It's full of awesome!

RayaLuna said...

It is INDEED full of awesome, and has been HUGE in NY for a really long time. It's super, and a very integral part of the inner city school culture.