Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Political Banter

While I'm not one to really get behind talking about politics, especially not on the internet of all places, I felt that today was of significant enough importance to say something.
I won't cover the inagural speech, you either heard it your you didn't. I won't give my opinion on it, you either liked it or you didn't. I won't break it down, disect it, analize it, or anything else. No, I'm going to talk to what has to potential to be the greatest tragedy, not only during President Obama's presidency, but truly in all of American history, and it comes down to four (or five for the very politically correct) small words. "The first Black President." (The first African-American President).

Now, before you get out your flamethrowers and burn me at the stake, finish reading. I was influenced to this idea by an article written just after President Obama secured the election, written by a Republican, and I truly wish I had kept the article so I could give proper acknowledgement to the author.
I am NOT, first and foremost, saying that we should not acknowledge the FACT and the historical significance (especially in this country) of President Barack Obama's heritage. It is truly remarkable, and also truly sad that it is as late as the year 2009 that we are celebrating such an achievement. But, better late than never.
No, what I am saying is this. Calling him the "First Black (African-American) President" is just as accurate, and inaccurate, as calling him the "44th White President". Do remember his mother. The moment we start equating President Obama with his race and his background we do a disservice to him, the entire African-American community, and our country. How long until people start pointing at him as "a terrific role-model for African-Americans everywhere" instead of what he truly is, "a terrific role-model for ALL Americans everywhere"?
Or, what if the undenyable truth of the matter is that America is so boned, that there is no person who could do anything to fix it, that we will inevitably spiral downward more no matter who is at the helm... how long after his presidency will people start to point fingers at his heritage, and the whole African-American community, spewing forth "I told you so"s?
It is right for us to make note of the progressive nature of this election, but for us to truly be progressive, I feel that as a nation we should as quickly as possible away from titles concerning race or heritage.
President Barack Obama... the 44th American President. It's time to move ahead as Americans, all of us, as a country. Do a Google search. You will be hard pressed to find any other country that breaks up its people like we do (do a search for "African French"... it's a dialect, not a people).
May the United States of America become fully united. Every man, woman, and child, irregardless of color, heritage, background.

I tip my hat to you, President Obama. May you do the best that you are capable of, and no less.

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