Sunday, May 30, 2010

Game Change

I often find that I lack things to write about when I have attempted a blog before. Something I don't lack, is time that I play video games. I have a decent sized collection, and enjoy playing them. People I know often say that I don't play games, I destroy them. That is due to my playing them over and over and getting/finding/collecting all there is to get/find/collect. This is partially true as even I have my limits and don't feel the need to do so in all games that I own. But I do with most of them.

However, many people I know are confused as to how I play the same games over and over and over again. This blog is to answer that. I don't intend to take a cynical approach to highlight everything that is wrong with the development side of gaming today. That market is rather well filled with more entertaining people than I. Instead, I intend to review every game that I have in my library. I will break down my review to technical aspects (as well as I know them), control, graphics, content, and fun. Fun, of course, is relative.

Also, as this is a review of games, they will require my playing through them again. This means that updates will not follow a set pattern, but will happen as I finish a game. Some will be quick, others will take longer.

And that being said, on to my first new post.

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