Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Link Dump 01/29/08

I really don't want to be just another Blog in the sea of Blogs on the Blogosphere who is just a Blog of regurgitated Blogs. I do want to see how many times I can put the word Blog in a single sentance and have it still be 1) a real sentance, 2) accurate usage of the word, and 3) not overly annoying.

That having been said, there are quite a few things that I find in my daily readings, that are steadily growing every day, that while I may find interesting, have been discussed well enough by those who did it. Thus, link dumps to pass them along to you.

First we start the day off with a story of a little lost shooting star. That sort of incident makes one thing that perhaps New York should rethink some of their current policies. I'm just saying.

Potential good news for cronic pain sufferers. Thanks to the ugliest little rodent in the world. However, it's been my experiance that feeling pain is usually healthy. Feeling pain lets you know that, "Gee, I cut my foot on that rock and am now bleeding out. I should do something about it." But that's just me.

On the scientific front, we find that our design capability far surpasses our power limitations. Well, usually.

In movie news, a great new campy monster film has been bought up by Slamdance to be released. I'm excited.

Parents, rejoice! There is now less reason than ever to spend time with your kids. While your at it, don't forget to leave them a picture of you so they can remember what you looked like.

Random Stat.

A reminder to Big Brother. He has missed his time frame by 24 years. Give it up. Please. Either that or the human race will have to work on alternate forms of communication. Hey, I bet we'd cut the amount of Spam that way.

To close out the dump, one final "OOPS" for you science geeks to chuckle about and a heartwarming story about a super little guy who just wanted to see the world.

That's your link dump for Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

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