Sunday, January 27, 2008

So this is new for me

Well, here it is world. Finally stepping into the 21st century and joining the army of bloggers around the world, raising my one tiny voice in hopes that someone listens. Well, actually, to tell the truth, I don't care if anyone listens. I just want to write.
So, here is a little about me and what you can expect from this blog, should you actually find it worth browsing from time to time.
First off, as anyone who knows me knows, the reason behind the name of this blog is because I am slightly obsessed with Lewis Carroll, specifically the character of the Mad Hatter. Don't get me started on Lewis Carroll unless you have a few hours to listen to me. I myself am a strange sort of intellectual. What that means is, there are somethings I'm very smart about. And some things I'm absolutely clueless about. You'll probably learn where the fence between those two sides lie pretty quick if you read this. However, on the flip side I do still know just a little about most things that if you aren't careful, I'll fool you into thinking that I know more than I do. I'm tricky like that.
I'm also pretty cynical.

As for what to expect in this Blog, for anyone who has read Alice in Wonderland and remembers the Tea Party, you'll remember that the topics of conversation were all over the place. This is a dump for my brain. So expect it to be the same. I give much thanks to Zefrank for his wonderful discourse on ideas. If you do not know of or pay attention to this man, let me encourage you too.
I do plan to have at least one update a week, but I am shooting for more. On Fridays, watch for "Idiot of the week". This will be a running commentary on the unstoppable stupidity of the "dominate race" on this planet, and hopefully help you wonder how any of us managed to pull our opposable thumb out of our collective asses. It will focus on whomever catches my ire, be it someone public on the news or someone private who I work with or run into in my everyday life. Fear not readers, for I am not immune to this scathing report. Don't be surprised to see myself show up a few times as no one knows my own stupidity like myself.
As for any other posts, whatever moves me that day. Don't expect a pattern. So, with all that having been said, I raise my glass to whomever has sat at my table, let the party begin.