Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food in review

Tonight there will be something different. A food review. Tonight I tried several new recipes for the house and they came out pretty good, so I'll share.

The first part of the meal was Rice with Cheese. Very simply named, very easy to figure out what it was. The brown rice went well with the soft cheeses to have a not very over powering taste to it. A good start.

The second part of the meal was the Broiled Feta with Roasted Peppers and Olives salad. Let me preface this part of the meal by stating, I really don't like peppers, olives, onions, anchovies... most of this dish. However, the way it is put together, the flavors and the spices, it is very unique. I enjoyed it quite a lot, as did the rest of those eating. A slight difference that I did, completely on accident, I forgot the onion, and added a crushed, dried red pepper to it for flavor. Not bad, but I will have to make it again, this time with the onion.

The final part of the meal, the desert, was quite an undertaking. The Pomegranate-Rose Cream Meringues. Time consuming, more than anything, these treats come out a little on the dry side (making sure to keep the whipped cream and adding some milk clears that right up), but had a light and crisp flavor that was an appropriate evening to a night of unique foods.

As you can see, all of these have come from one of my favorite feeds, the New York Times food section. I'll be posting more recipes as I try them.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Let me know about it.

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