Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Palate Cleansing

So, I almost forgot that I needed to update this thing. Oh how scattered my brain is when I take a sick day off.
Okay, so I have a few things I have to share to clear my palate of a few things that have been hanging around during my quiet period last month. I know that link dumps are not a favorite of my readership, but it's what I need to look at everything with fresh eyes tomorrow. Oh, and I won't be posting any sort of weird April Fool's joke tomorrow either. Just so you know.

First off I want to delve into the realms of robotics. I found two specimens last week, each invoking different responses. First off, one that for some reason scared me. Here we have Big Dog. Military pack/utility robot. Nothing about the function of this device is inherently scary, but watch the movie, what the movements of this beast... pay specific attention to when it walks down hill and slips on ice. It's too... natural, I think. It's an awesome device, but something about it is just unsettling for me.
In stark contrast to this is ApuriPoko. This little device that talks to you, ask questions, remembers infrared signals and the voice commands connected to them as well as the ability to do them for you, is just too adorably cute, and useful, and frankly, I want one now.

The next few links I have are from scientists. There really isn't a whole lot that I can add beyond their general description. These videos must be seen to be believed and speak for themselves.
First, we find that the world is in fact flat and that the sun circles us. Wait... this all sounds familiar for some reason.
Next we find out where our next threat to our society is REALLY coming from. Those insidious Polar Bears.
This last one is actually a favorite of mine. Doomsday scenarios. This stuff sounds like it belongs in a B-rate science fiction novel... I may just have to write these down for later use. Strangelets... awesome!

My final bit of cranial catharsis is in the form of the Quantum Sleeper. This is freaking hilarious. For those that simply have to have the bullet/water/poison gas/fire/kidnap/nuclear winter proof bed.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff - BigDog is probably the coolest real-life mecha I've ever seen. Definitely a little creepy that it has no head. Of course, why would it need one..?

Its gait is weird - I wonder why they chose to make it trot? It always moves its left hind and right fore together, and vice versa. I wonder what it could do if they gave it multiple gaits. Quite impressed with its jump, too.