Thursday, March 13, 2008

Potter movies. COMMENTS WANTED!

Hey everyone, time to break the pattern some.
So, I'm a fan of the Harry Potter books. Good stuff, them. And the movies, while fun, we all know have suffered plot compression, and have had be viewed as stories unto themselves. But some interesting news has developed in regards to making the final movie. It appears they will be splitting it into two movies so they can have the full story in movie form.
So, I want your thoughts! Good idea? Bad idea? Doesn't really matter because the movies suck anyway? I want to know! Also, I won't post any more until I have at least 6 comments. I generally get 6 hits a day, so that should be easy.

I'll start it. Personally, I love the idea. Yeah, I'll have to wait 6 months to get the full thing, but who cares? There will be no need to cringe as you enter, trying to predict what vastly important activity or character they will be cutting, you can enter, relatively certain you will betting the full story. I, for one, am stoked.


Elly said...

Argh #1: No spoilers plx. Hasn't read book yet.

Okay, that out of the way: I was extremely disappointed with Prisoner of Azkaban, though I could live with the cuts they made. However, I couldn't deal with Order of the Phoenix: It sucked royal ass in so many ways. Long story short, I ain't planning on seeing any more HP movies. >_<

Elly said...

Whoops. When I said "Prisoner of Azkaban" I actually meant Goblet of Fire. Though I should hone my criticisms and say: I could live with the cuts they made to PoA, but not to either of the two later movies.

Anonymous said...

I have to take the movies as a whole different story - say, a piece of high-budget fan work - or I get mad at them for leaving the good bits out.

Without spoiling anything:

Good for them, first. They'd be hard pressed to put all of that monster volume into two and a half hours. I wonder if they'll be putting in elements they've thus far ignored? If so, how do they plan to handle the "new" parts?

Then again, there was certainly enough in the last book to make up two whole movies, even leaving some out. I'll go see them both, and I'll be interested to see how Movie!HP plays out. I liked the end of the books well enough. XD

Alii said...

I don't mind, mostly. I read them avidly but the movies are... well... movies. They can't be how I think they should be in my brains so I'm not too concerned.

Hermione is supposed to be /nerdy/. *snarl snap grumble*

Okay. My rant's over. ;)

Chaopsychochick said...

Personally, I agree with Sylvia in having to think of the movies as fan art without going insane. Personally I think that 2 movies will be better simply because it will mean that they can cover more. That has been by far the worst they have been doing to the series is cutting out so many of the scenes, and so many of the little bits... which well makes things hard to deal with.

I think they should have done something similar for all the other movies, or perhaps done something like LOTR and make the movies really long. Either way, the longer they make it, the more content they can put in, and (hopefully) the happier it makes me