Friday, February 1, 2008

Had the Hat trick, going once more

So, I've already scored a hat trick for the day, except that one of the posts should have been yesterdays, so here is the real thing.

So, I've been feeling that my previous posts have been leaning in a very caustic direction, and not wanting this to be some pseudo-sarcastic emo panty-rant blog, I decided to add something a little on the lighter side.

First off, I have last minute runners up to the "Idiot of the Week" contest. Let's give a big hand to these guys for coming in just under the wire, but just a bit short. First off we have a man in Connecticut who thought he had a great idea for sharing his love of herbatology. "Honest! I was just at McDonald's to get my diploma, I mean, eat!"

The second runner up is a local man here in Colorado who assaulted a hiker this weekend with a club after running screaming at them. The assalant somehow managed to fall and lose his weapon at which point the wife of the victim picked up the weapon, and showed the attacker how to use it. I wonder if he ran off screaming too. I'm currently not sure who to feel more sorry for.

With all the competitions to be the first whatever in space, good news for some old friends. That's right, Lucy's in the Sky with Diamonds!

I love it what people can come up with when they have nothing better to do with their time. We humans are so relevant to the world around us. LOL

And finally, in keeping with my news that the future is now, I bring you this little jewel of information. I'm just waiting for the first story the hyperspace, warp, or some other form of efficient interstellar travel, I'm quitting my job, waiting for the lightsabers to come out, and then it is SO on!

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