Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So, I've been a little behind after my initial Blog boom. The weekend I can allow. Got to have time to just do "me" things. But Monday, I was just busy. But I still could have posted something.

Anyway, today we'll be experimenting with a different format requested by a reader. Somthing a tad more linear than my ADD brain likes to be. So, we're gonna just focus on one article.

So, this continues in my now several post long rants about the future being now. In this particular article, we find about removing bad/poor/tainted DNA and replacing it with good ones. Now, for those of you who had a highschool english teacher like I did, you surely read "A Brave New World". Everyone remember that? The "Utopia" build by genetically built from scratch people who really have sucky lives, and the "Savages" on the other side of the fence that actually do things like... mate. And hunt food. Yeah, good book, check it out sometime, or go revisit it.

Now this begs the question. Is this really a good idea?
Well, the pros definitely look up. Fewer genetic diseases, allergies, a generally healthier, stronger race.
However, that begs the question. Are those defects there for a reason? Whether you believe in intelligent design or in evolution or in something else, this is a question that needs to be looked into. Is there a reason that the flaws that exist... exist? Thanks to our tinkering with the world around us, we have already seen the rise of a Flu strain that resists treatment. Bacteria that have far developed past any current antibiotics. What other monsters from Pandoras box of genetic restructuring do we have lurking?

Now, for my part, I'm all for it. Press on, man, press on. Reach for the stars, make new DNA, cybernetics, reconstruct, and grow.
However, like far too many things about mankind an our advancements, don't go to fast. Take it easy. Check it out. See what happens.

Okay... so sorry to everyone who feels this post is lacking. Again, I'm working on not just pouring out everything. Focusing on one thing can be hard with such a high intake of information.

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Elly said...

It reminds me of the corn that is genetically stronger, that will kill other breeds of corn because of how superior it is. It has formed a society of corn that is basically "perfect,"... at least until a disease comes that will find its weakness. Then we're all screwed.