Wednesday, February 6, 2008

He's got the look

So, on the tail end of super Tuesday, I felt it was time to talk about a very important man. A man who has influenced many lives. A simple, italian plumber. This is a seriously awesome article.
I mean think about it. We gamers do expect a certain level of believability in our games. Not "could that really happen", more like "does that look right." Would Mario have grown to be quite so popular of a character if he were the littl italian plumber from Brooklyn with a Fu Manchu? No, we wouldn't have bought into the premise. What about some of those others they show? Frank Zappa? Magnum P.I.? Hector Poirot? Chaplin? Staline? George Michael? PRINCE? No. He had to have that bushy, fluffy, italian esque mustache for use to buy into that loveable character. And speaking of loveable, I doubt he would have been able to fit with all his awesome costumes with any other facial hair combination.

So, I just want everyone to think during this tumultous election... think, REMEMBER those who have always been their for the people! Remember the man who will always save you, and never burn you in the end.

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