Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mistakes, mecha, and machine guns

Whoops is all that can be said by New York Governor Eliot Spitzer can say this week. Long time opponent of games like Grand Theft Auto, and no doubt Mass Effect, for their blatant rewards of sex to children, was linked to a prostitution ring. Way to go there buddy. But a two faced politician? Surely not. At least the good governor is not a complete freak... like someone who would steal 1,300 pieces of women's underwear. Moving on.

So, two pieces of big news today for anyone looking skyward. In our first bit of news, we find that Canada has sent up their addition to the international space station, giant robotic arms! Ooookay. You see, this is something I would have expected from the masters of giant robos. But no, Japan has something else in mind to contribute to the international space station. Kibo was launched into space this week proving once again that the Japanese can do it bigger and better than the rest of us.

And finally, in today's news, I have a great big WTF. What you see here is someone who made a concept piece. It is a flash light that with a flick unfolds into a semi-auto mini rifle. Okay, now I completely remember when I was a kid I could look at ANYTHING and tell you how you would turn it into a James Bond-esque hidden weapon, but THIS just goes above and beyond. After all, that phase of my life ended when I was 9. Oh, sure, they SAY that they won't be making this for production... for now anyway. However, with just a brief look at this video, I'll bet you I could recreate this little number, given the right time and parts. I love advances in the future, but I'm sorry, THAT shit is scary. Walk away from the toy box, kiddies, daddy's been hiding his mini uzi in with the building blocks.

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Elly said...

I think to say that the Governor is "linked to a prostitution ring" is going a little overboard on the part of the media. Simply using the services of a prostitute does not intrinsically make you a spoke in the wheel of this insidious prostitution ring, IMHO.