Monday, March 10, 2008

High flyers and high feelings

Oook ook. Those trained monkey's working for the TSA strike again. Nothing as horrific as contaminating medical supplies needed by a kid, but one again technology has got the better of them. How do these guys even run the scanning equipment they use? Why are they not jumping up and down on the magic display moving table and beating the evil display box with sticks? Anyway, this time around a Mac book Air baffles these baboons (I mean buffoons). Surely a computer can't be that small. It must be actually be a giant blade used for hacking a plane in half. Good call there, boys. Keeping the unfriendly skies just a little safer.

Will Superman ever cease to amaze? Each year it seems the boy in blue is a little cooler than the year before. Today I find out that he is so advanced that his staple power of x-rays... they are just t-rays... only cooler!

Okay, for the main body of my blog today. There is a blog that I pick up courtesy of the BBC. In it, a person of disability rants and raves. First off, kudos to them for finding a constructive outlet. However, I must say, that I am often incredibly put off by this person's outlook on life. Now, not sharing their disability, I could not possibly understand what they go through on a daily basis. This I understand and accept. Which is why I will not try to imply that this person is wrong in any of their views or beliefs. However, today I read an article by them that had me rather distressed. The article, focusing on how to be content since we can't really be happy, made me think about myself and those around me. To me, the notion that we can't truly be happy because life conspires against us, so we might as well be content, is a crock. To be more specific, and graffic, a crock of shit that has been steeping and boiling all week long. It is as repugant to me as that.
After all, why shouldn't we be happy? Is there some unwritten law that says only a small percentage of humans can be happy? So what if we only have rights and not privilages? Can we not still be happy in those rights?
Now I don't mean to sound either shallow or dilusioned. I'm not saying that we should all lower our standards so that we can be completely happy where we are. I'm also not saying that everyone in the world, so long as they go with a positive attitude, will be overnight millionares without a care in the world and all their dreams come true. Here is what I am saying.
Why should you be content with being content? That is static. Press on, press forward. Change and evolve. WORK for what makes you happy. Find the things that make you happy and keep them close. When you find yourself becoming just content, find something else that makes you happy and work for it. If you like learning, go get another degree. Yeah, it's hard and will cost money, but if it makes you happy, work for it. Enjoy writing? Write a book. So it isn't published the first time and it took you a year to slog through it. Big deal. Get back up, refine it, try to publish through someone else. Does being outside make you happy? Find a job that puts you out there. It might not make enough money to give you a bunch of luxuries, but that's why it's something you work for. But why ever just be content?
I see no reason to. I want to be happy, and I plan to work for it.

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