Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Michelin man is watching

So, as I'm sure most of the people who read my blog have to read most of the web sites that I do, so I'm sure you've heard about the writer for the Times that wrote a flaming article about games. After all EVERYONE WROTE ABOUT TODAY, so I won't.

So this is a fun thought. With all the new and fun ways that the government has to poke in on our business, I just discovered a new one today. Phones, cameras, wire tape, internet, and car tires. That's right, the next new insidious tactic for monitoring the average American sounds like a device from 1984 and slips snuggly into the very innocent looking car tire. According to the article if you've bought a car since 2005 you most likely are the host of a TPMS, like the unwitting host of a bot fly that hasn't yet made it's presence immediately obvious.
Am I being over dramatic? Perhaps, perhaps not. Each TPMS device is paired electronically with a special receiver in your car. With this, those who might wish to, could monitor every moment of your vehicular adventures, whether moving or stationary, they can track every movement of every day. No I don't think I'm being over dramatic.
But what of things like OnPublish PostStar, you may say to me. Dear reader... for one, not all vehicles are mandated to have OnStar. And those that do CAN have this device disabled. How do you disable a TPMS? You take your tire off. But how could you possibly know if you were getting a new tire without one? Especially since every new car, starting in 2007, was been required to have TPMS installed. Next we'll have to hide beside our TV's so as to avoid Big Brother's view.

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Anonymous said...

Skill grinding Outside does take years and years, and the random skillset you get on character creation doesn't have a lot to do with anything necessary to actually succeed the game. Also, like so many MMOs, there's no way to win...

.. and get this, no res. At all. And no fast travel, teleportation is right out, and you have to rely on other players to get quests..

I'm curious about the TMPS technology. I've heard of Shadowrun-esque killswitches installed in some cars, too, but after some research, this turns out to be just a hidden, mechanical switch that cuts the flow of electricity or fuel - nothing remotely activated.