Thursday, April 3, 2008

So I wasn't initially sure as to what I was gonna post today, at first. It was a big day for science as several articles on black holes popped up, and then there was the dig at Stonehenge to finally try to figure it out.

But in the end, I had to go another direction. Back to technology. I love it. I love watching the direction our society is moving in with regards to advanced technology. This next beauty is from the Boys and Girls from MIT. Her name is GLaDOS and she would love to share some cake with you. Just kidding! Her name is Nexi. Nexi is the latest plaything from those wacky MIT guys. This one is hoped to be able to sit and interact with humans to figure out how best to integrate. She is Mobile, Dexterous and Social. I'll tell you what, I really wouldn't mind being in the test group for this project. I can sit the Nexi right next to my Apuripoko. But I digress. This is truly one of the most expressive robots I've ever seen. It makes me wonder though. Ever read I, Robot? The original, not the book based on the movie based on the book. Whatever happened to the square headed, clearly not human, robots that were supposed to come first? Looks like we are wanting to hope straight to human-like, right out the gate, when we get a real working humanoid. However... I'm still waiting for Synthetic rights. It's coming and you all know it.

Thoughts! Go!

As a passing thought, if anyone out there wants to get their favorite, hatted blogger a gift, this little cutie will do the trick. Or this convenient solar paneled recliner, I mean generator.

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Elly said...

The BigDog and the Apuripoko aren't humanoid. Though honestly it is strange that they're not even really passing that step. BigDog is blocky but the Apuripoko is awefully ergonomic. And I'm relieved, after looking at your link, to observe that Nexi, while humanoid, is nothing like realistic. I'm actually not at all sure why we feel the need to design "expressive" robots; we haven't even gotten to "functional" robots yet! I mean, we jumped from the little (incredibly stupid) vacuum-cleaner robot, to the dancing japanese robot. It looks like BigDog is at least addressing the idea of functional, but the Apuripoko joins functional and cute, and Nexi looks like it doesn't have a function other than to be expressive. That's dumb, IMHO.